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Greetings from the Tax Office:

Hoping your holidays were good. Now, it is time to turn our thoughts to tax season!

Congress made changes to the tax code again this year.  With these changes and the COVID-19 shutdowns, we are expecting a very challenging tax season. Here are some of the highlights that you might want to be prepared for:

  • If you had UNEMPLOYMENT, you need to bring your benefit statement, the 1099-G, which is usually accessible through the unemployment account you created on your state’s DOL website.
  • If you had HEALTHCARE through the MARKETPLACE, you need to bring in your 1095-A. This will come in the mail.
  • EARNED INCOME CREDIT is based on the actual income you made from working. If you were unemployed for much of the year, your EIC may not be as high as you have previously received.
  • If you made a COVID-19 retirement withdrawal, remember to bring your 1099-R.


  • At the present time, we plan to allow face-to-face appointments. This can change at any time, of course.
    • MASKS must be worn by everyone while they are in the building. Anyone who does not have a mask will be given one upon entering.
    • We will be limiting the number of persons in the building by regulation from the state of PA. You may be asked to wait in your car if the front office is too full upon your arrival. We will come out to get you when we are ready for you to enter.
  • ZOOM appointments will be offered for those who have the technology and desire. For this to work:
    • Your information must be dropped off or uploaded to our secure portal.
    • We anticipate that it will take TWO Zoom appointments to complete your return. One for the input and questions, and second to finalize any missing material and to go over the return with you.
    • Then, we will post your completed return on the portal for your review. After your approvals and payment arrangements are made with Denise, signature forms will be made available via Verifyle for e-signature. If married, we will need email addresses for EACH taxpayer.
  • Please have your PAPERWORK filled out when you arrive. You can download the forms from our website, we can email them to you, or call the office if you do not have internet access.
  • If you are DROPPING OFF, we ask that you put your materials in the NEW DROP SLOT in the front door. We are following IRS security measures as well. (Please remember to include your completed paperwork.)
  • We can also MAIL your completed tax return to you for a $15.00 charge IF all signatures and payment of invoice are completed.

Protection Programs

    • Our representation software monitors your IRS transcript bi-weekly. We are notified of any changes in your IRS status. Audits are posted on your IRS transcript up to 6 months before it is assigned to an agent. Monitoring notifies us well in advance so we can review your Wage and Income items to see if there are missing items that might require an amended return. If the issue goes to audit, the penalty is 25% of under reported income. An amended return will help you avoid this penalty. In our efforts to best serve and protect our clients, our increased preparation fee will automatically include IRS transcript monitoring.
    • The Audit Protection Program has successfully protected many clients. The IRS is mailing more letters than ever before and more of you are, of course, receiving those letters!  For $99.95, the Audit Protection Program covers our time responding to these letters and if your return is selected for audit, the Audit Protection Program covers our costs for your 2020 audit. Keep in mind that the preparation for a desk audit averages 15 hours of our office time, plus 4 hours driving time to Buffalo, plus 1 – 4 hours at the audit, plus review of the reports, and appeal if necessary.  Minimum cost exceeds $5,000.00.  For those NOT in the Audit Protection Program, we will require a minimum retainer of $2,500.

Please check out our website www.pennyorktax.com. We will be putting updates on this and our Facebook page.

Please make your appointment early. You can book your own appointment from the website again if you wish to do so.

Thank you again for your faith in our services.