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Penn York Accounting Services, Inc

Special Announcement

Update Posted: 4-01-2020

Special Covid-19 Statement April 1, 2020 – Please click here.

Update Posted: 3-24-2020

Good Morning,

The Good News: PA has updated the list of essential services to include Accounting Offices that can remain open. Your tax return and Payroll will be able to be completed in a timely manner as we are now allowed to travel to work and can be here to provide you with the outstanding services that you have come to expect of us.

The bad news is that myself and Denise are in the high risk group with underlying health problems. Therefore we are going to continue to severely limit persons coming
into our office.

We ask that if you have even the tiniest sniffle, please drop off your material in our outside drop box. Call us if you need to come into our office to sign paperwork, please use the table to sign what is necessary. We ask that you use your own pen, or one from our brand new supply and that you take with you when you go. That area will be sanitized
between each person.

I am protecting myself by seeing NO ONE until the coast is clear. I need to be here to do your taxes next year!

Vicki L Willis, EA

Posted: 3-18-2020

We value the health of all of our clients, our employees, and their families.
Many of our clients are elderly, or care for elderly family members,
or others whose immune systems may be compromised.

  • We are no longer accepting in-person tax preparation appointments until it is safe to do so.
  • Instead, all clients may mail in or drop off their tax papers, and we will schedule a telephone appointment for Kevin to answer your questions if needed.
  • If no one in your household is sick, has a fever, or has any flu symptoms, you may pick up your tax return in person, or elect to have us mail you your return. We will file your return electronically after you have returned the signed form and payment.
  • Even if healthy, you may choose for us to mail your return, in which case we will call you with the results and to answer any further questions prior to mailing it to you.
  • Please use hand sanitizer as soon as you enter our office. We have it placed on all desks and counters. Make sure that everyone in your party uses it.
  • Please do not shake hands.
  • When using the rest room, please wash your hands before and after.
  • Please use hand sanitizer again as you leave our office. While we spray and wipe down surfaces regularly, you may have touched something before it was wiped down.


All services can be tailored to accommodate your situation.
Long or short term solutions are available.
Call our office today to see how we can help your business!

Greetings from the Tax Office,

2020… New Year, New Decade, New Everything! We trust that your Christmas was Merry and your New Year’s celebrations were fun!

But now to get back to the Season of Winter, and of course your Tax Return. We are on the second year of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. A lot of the returns will go smoother as we have clarification from Congress and many of the vague items. Such as 199A 20% exclusion for business returns.