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Greetings from the Tax Office!

We hope that you had a joyful 2023 holiday season! 2024 is here and that means we are all gearing up for the 2023 tax season! Here are some very important updates:

  • TAX DOME: This year you NEED TO HAVE ACCESS AND USE Tax Dome.
    1. Tax Dome is secure and encrypted. Please DO NOT send us any sensitive tax documents via email, Facebook Messenger, or text!
    2. Many of you have already received an invitation to set up your account on TaxDome. If you need us to re-send an invitation or need a password reset, call the office.
    3. For your security, the new internet firewall at our office will no longer accept emails with attachments! So, you must either upload the document to Tax Dome, drop it off at the office, or mail us a copy.
    4. If you do not have access to a computer/ internet, please make an appointment OR stop in to drop off your tax documents and sign forms.
  • This year we are trying something new for appointments.
    1. All appointments will be shorter (30-60 minutes).
    2. You will have an opportunity to come in, meet with us, bring us your tax papers, and mutual questions can be asked.
    3. Then we will prepare your return, review it to ensure accuracy, and call you to tell you it is ready for you to access and sign on Tax Dome or if you prefer, you can stop down to sign and pick up a printed copy.
    4. Our goals with this new appointment process are to provide greater accuracy on your tax return, to see more clients face-to-face, and to keep a 7-day turn-around on individual tax returns.
  • To maximize your appointment time, please arrive 10 minutes before you appointment to fill out and sign forms.
  • Items to remember when you come for your appointment or to include with your drop-off:
    1. Driver’s License(s)
    2. Direct Deposit Info (your checkbook)
    3. Birth Certificates and social security cards for new children or dependents
  • This year we will have a preparer dedicated to the drop off drawer. This will improve the turn-around time for drop off tax returns. If you want the guaranteed 7 day turn around, please schedule a 30-minute appointment.



Vicki, Ann and Katrina