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Greetings from the Tax Office!

It’s that time of year again! Although your tax information is probably only beginning to trickle in, we are gearing up for another busy season. We usually end up booking appointments fairly far out, so call early to reserve your spot if you plan to see a tax preparer in person. Once our appointments slots are all booked, you can either drop your information off or file for extension (we do that for you) and make an appointment later in the year.

New at the Office:

  • David Potter passed away on July 26, 2022. His presence in the office, as well as in our personal lives, is greatly missed. We realize that many of you will want to express your condolences to Vicki in person as you come to do your taxes. Because all of our clients become like family to Vicki, we are going to ask that you leave a note when you are here instead, so that she can stay focused on whatever task she needs to do that day. Your words will be cherished always.
  • We will continue to have some evening hours for appointments, but evening and weekend hours for Vicki will be extremely limited. VICKI WILL NO LONGER TAKE ANY SUNDAY APPOINTMENTS. Please adjust your schedule to see her when she is available. Vicki will take ONE evening appointment per day, Monday-Friday, starting at 6pm. This can be a farm or a business, but not multiple returns. If you are bringing additional returns to your appointment (your children’s or parents’ etc.) you will be asked to drop them off.
  • Vicki moved into the new house that she and Dave were building on October 22, 2022. The house is right next door to the office, but she may need to wear a coat to work some days! The move has allowed us to shuffle offices within the current building and ease some of the overcrowding we have been experiencing.
  • Penn York Accounting is now a Pennsylvania Tag and Title Agent. Denise has taken primary responsibility for that, although Vicki is certified as well. Titles and tags are best accessed through the door at the back of the parking lot. This leaves the front door and waiting room freer for tax clients.
  • Mariah Christ has rejoined our staff full time. She will have multiple responsibilities. We already know that she has an eagle eye for reviewing returns!!

New in Tax Law:

  • Please remember that all Covid-19 related tax credit programs no longer apply for the 2022 tax year.
  • HOWEVER; if you did take a Covid-19 withdrawal from your 401K in 2020 AND split that income over three years as was allowed, the last third of that income will be added in with your 2022 taxable income.

Things to Remember:

  • If your child is a full-time student, we will prepare their return without charge if we have done yours in the same year. Please notify us if this should be the case.
  • Everyone in the office has been hired and trained by Vicki, and no returns (even the ones that Vicki prepares) get filed without a second set of eyes reviewing them. If we ask you to meet with someone other than Vicki this year, please understand.
  • Drop offs are always welcome. If you cannot drop off while we are open, you can use the drop box in the front door. You can, of course, still mail us your information. Please make sure that you complete and include any applicable forms (available on our website www.pennyorktax.com).
  • Once your return has been e-filed and accepted WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HOW LONG THE IRS TAKES TO GET YOUR REFUND TO YOU. If you are going to check online to find out its status, you will need information that is contained in your blue folder. Please keep it handy so that you can do this easily.
  • Payment is expected at the time of service. We do partner with Republic Bank to offer a Refund Transfer, which can be used to pay our service fee out of your refund. There is a cost to you for this, however, that goes entirely to Republic Bank. If you plan to use this service, please inform your preparer at the beginning of your appointment or at drop-off. Refund transfers are not available after February 28, 2023. As always, we accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards in our office.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Vicki, Ann, Katrina, Kathie, Nicole, Mariah and Denise